Teacher’s Day Celebration

This auspicious day is celebrated on 5th September with a reason that is observed as anniversary of great philosopher Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was the first wise president and second president of India. He devoted his life towards education. On a request to celebrate his anniversary on 5th September, he suggested that it would be better if it is dedicated to the whole teaching profession. And so it is celebrated on5thSeptember.Teacher the word defines the person who plays a integral part in our life. From parents to school teachers each and every person we learn something that makes us a humble person is a teacher. Teachers are called the backbone of our society because they highly contribute in building our character, shaping our future and help us to be an ideal citizens of the country.



Teachers Day was celebrated in our school on 4-9-2015 Friday for second,third and fourth period in ground. The school was decorated with happy teachers day charts. The programme started with a melodious bhajan by Dhairya Chudgar of fourth. The programme was hosted by Nidhi mam, she invited principal mam to share her views on this day.The programme went ahead with the speeches about teachers day celebration by Snigdha Joshi and Aakash Kalal of standard eight.The greetings of teachers started by a game of guessing the name of the teacher about whom it is being spoken in the line and presenting the teacher with a flower by the students.Aditya Jat of fifth and Aditi Tiwari of sixth gave a beautiful speech about their favourite teacher.The celebration went ahead with a instrumental performance by Kristan Macwan and JeetJoy of tenth they performed so magically that the whole atmosphere became lively by the rhythem of their instruments.The teachers felt pride in being praised by the speech of their students Arun Labana of fifth and Ansh Kalal of fourth, Vivek Shrimali,Yash Zala and Yadav Vaishali.A comedy skit performance made the celebration joyous and laughable, the students performed so well that the teachers felt light while having a good laugh apart from teaching. The programme ended by a graceful dance performance by Sakshi Kalal.

Teacher's day

The students enjoyed the celebration along with the teachers and also the teachers felt proud of the efforts taken by the students to make this day memorable for them.

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