Navratri celebration

Navaratri is the central identity of Gujaratis,Garba and Raas form a centuries old tradition going back to the time of Lord Krishna- it is the cultural heritage of every Gujarati. In the coming days if you go to any part of Gujarat you will see people,be it young or old ,dancing to the tunes of wonderful Gujarati folk music as a part of the Navaratri celebration.



On 21-10-2015 Tuesday, our school celebrated navaratri garba on the ground. The ground was decorated for Navaratri. The students were seated class wise and Rachna mam hosted the programme. Our principal mam lighted the diya. An introduction regarding Navaratri was given by Varsha mam, she gave a beautiful speech and then the prize distribution of Kalabharti Drawing and Handwriting Competition was done were our principal mam was called to do the honours to give away prize to the winners Jr kg Shinde Prashant , std ii Chohan Milan, std iv Sakshi Kalal and std ix Payal Patidar.After the prize distribution Garba started with the circle of Jrkg to std ii. They danced energetically in the tunes of the Garba and later other students joined the circle dancing gracefully ,stylishly in their traditional outfits. Even their mothers were invited for this programme hence they also joined.The Garba continued till our trustee sir came and then the performance by the students started. The non participants students were made seated on the ground and the participants one by one gave their performance. The first performance was of girls they performed a traditional form of Garba gracefully. The second performance was of boys they performed Dandia Raas energetically. The last performance was of L.J girls showing different mood and fusion of Garba they performed mesmerizingly and enthusiastically.




The students thorolly enjoyed themselves and also their mothers. The students were enthusiastic and energetic to dance on the tunes of Garba.

Winners Of Navaratri Competition Best Costume    


Std     Boys      Girls
Jr Kg Suthar Aarav Thakkar Nitya
Sr Kg Rajput Jitendra Raikwan Vaishnavi
I Thakur Devansh Ravat Bhavya
II Vaghela Jaineel Brahmbhatt Priyanshi
III Kalal Dhruvil Gajera Krisha
IV Kalal Ansh Labana Anjali
V Zala Yash Kumawat Poonam
VI Kalal Sakshi
VII Baghel Upasana
VIII Joshi Snigdha
IX Chaudhary Gudiya
Mother Nevils Mother  

Winners of Navaratri Best Performance

Std Boys Girls
Jr Kg Chavada Aary Valand Tisha
Sr Kg Gor Rudra Dhobi Dhruvi
I Bosania Nevil Sharma Riya
II Chauhan Milan
III Labana Harshil Kalal Bhavana
IV Labana Aarti
V Pasi Aryan Chaudhary Mahi
VI Vaisnavi Siram Kalal Riya
VII Ghorana Aditya Baghel Upasana
VIII Baraiya Sanandi
IX Chauhan Dhrumi
X Macwan Kristan
Mother SrKg Aaravs Mother  


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